How being natural has changed my perspective on beauty

My sister and I

My family is a like a potjie pot lol! We have alot of different ethnicities thrown in there all mixed together to produce an array of hair types and skin shades. In my immediate family, myself and two of my three brothers share similar type 4 hair. Growing up, my sister had the hair I needed 🙂 it would spiral into cute golden ringlets when wet and when blow dried was awesome. To me my coarse, thick, hair was the pits! My mom has maybe type 2 hair, very thick and very strong hair – the Greek in her! So all through our childhood when aunts would say slap on some straightener I was there eager as a beaver…imagining the immaculate curls I would have. Sit through the ‘burn’ and scabs and after get it blow dried and pressed to within an inch of its life just to ‘fit’ in to my perception of what beauty was



My uncles wife, my uncle moms bro, grandma, mom, other grandma, (behind) my youngest brother and me 🙂

High school even worse, everyone had straight obsession with changing myself was, in retrospect, quite sad. I fully only started to appreciate my uniqueness after realising that no matter what I cannot be something that I am not and be complete. Its hard out there for a thug! Trying to fit into the box society has created!

All women are unique, beautiful creations of God. Whether her hair is kinky, curly or straight. It took me 32 years to realise that. Beauty does come from the inside as cliche as that may sound. Being natural gave me back my power, I can blaze my own trail though life instead of following others – and always always being an imitation instead of the real deal. Not to take away anything from those that relax/wear wigs/weaves it all boils down to what you feel best in.

     I see natural hair and its love at first sight, all shapes styles, sizes..altAn2kzv1RYQSg19bDJtuwoXctdog7o0A5kMcbxrWs0fOU


3 responses to “How being natural has changed my perspective on beauty

  1. i love this blog! Going follow you religiously! Well done and more power to the Natural Black Women who appreciate true beauty!

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